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The TV camera fell in love with her face and histrionism since her first appearance on Television, Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, Part II, talent and determination allowed her to venture into the world of soap operas, and her work contributed to Soap Operas which have been seen in places never imagined as Russia, Saudi, Lebanon, France, Italy, Japan, among others. The world has witnessed major success in novelas like, “Viviana”, “Colorina”, “Vanessa”, “Tu o Nadie” who attributed Lucia Mendez as one of the best actresses of the time. “El Extraño Retorno de Diana Salazar” soap opera with a controversial issues, “Amor de nadie” the first soap opera that touches the issue of AIDS. “Marielena” a total success in the U.S. and a decisive blow in her internationalization as a star. Followed by “Señora Tentacion”, recorded in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Upon her return to Mexico, Lucia Mendez recorded “Tres Veces Sofia”, her performance in this soap opera allowed her to win the ACE Award for the second time by the media of New York in 1999 as Female International Star. During 2000, Lucia recorded “Golpe Bajo”. In 2007, Lucia returns to television to celebrate the 50th anniversary of soap operas in Mexico with “Amor sin Maquillaje”.

Forged a name and star category at the international level has not been easy, but Lucia has done it, a solid career with great success, in 2009, Lucia made a special participation in the soap opera “Mi Pecado” in which again, Lucia has demonstrated that Lucia means success.

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