Project Description


Gustavo Adolfo Almazan is a wealthy but depressed man, he is married to a woman with disabilities and his life is totally manned by his mother Ana Maria.

One night Ivan, brings two young women (prostitutes) to the Almazan residency where Gustavo meets Fernanda alias Colorina (because of her red hair) with whom eventually shares a passionate love. Ana Maria wants to have a grandson and uses Colorina by paying her to have a baby by Gustavo with the only condition to give the son to Gustavo and his wife. Even though Fernanda agreed to this, once she gave birth she changes her mind and flees away.

Time passes by and Fernanda becomes a well respected woman, she raises other kids along with hers, however only one is the heir to the great Almazan fortune.



Lucia Mendez … Colorina

Enrique Alvarez Felix … Gustavo Adolfo

Julissa … Rita

Jose Alonso … Ivan

Maria Teresa Rivas … Ana Maria

Armando Calvo

Fernando Larrañaga

Maria Rubio … Ami

Guillermo Capetillo … Jose Miguel

Jose Elias Moreno … Danilo Juan

Antonio Edwards … Armando

Maria Sorte … Mirta

Luis Bayardo

Hector Ortega

Alba Nydia Diaz …Liza