Project Description

Tú o nadie

Raquel is from Guadalajara, Mexico, who is profoundly in love and marries a man called Antonio Lombardo.

She receives tragic news from Acapulco about Antonio, he was involved in a planed crash and died, and to this she’s asked by his family relatives to come to his funeral, she then is notified that she has become the heir of all his fortune.

All of a sudden Maximiliano appears out of nowhere, Raquel then realizes that he is the same man she once believed dead and been married to. Confused by all the things that are happening, she thinks Maximiliano is the culprit and is responsible for Antonio’s death, she then decides to move back to Guadalajara.

The only thing that nobody knows is that Antonio is not dead, but hurt and bruised by the accident. To this he blames Maximiliano, who always showed jealousy and ambition towards his riches. Antonio and Raquel then meet, fall in love and get married.

Lucia Mendez … Raquel
Andres Garcia … Antonio Lombardo
Liliana Abud … Camila
Jacaranda Alfaro
Roberto Antunez
Tony Bravo
Arsenio Campos … Claudio
Marcela de Galina
Julieta Egurrola … Mercedes
Magda Guzman … Victoria
Luz Maria Jerez
Miguel Manzano … Don Daniel
Abraham Mendez
Miguel Angel Negrete
Salvador Pineda… Max
Ursula Prats
Fernando Saenz
Rebeca Silva
Gaston Tuset
Antonio Valencia
Guillermo Zarur