Project Description

Amor sin maquillaje

To commemorate a half century of telenovelas, Televisa creates this miniseries that tells the story of its kind, takes us behind the scenes to see how a soap opera is made and honors all actors that have created this myth.

It was set in Senda Prohibida’s Path, the first Mexican soap opera, the makeup artist Veronica (Carmen Montejo) was engaged to the love of her life. Nearly 50 years later, after the death of her husband and old age, Veronica plunge into a depression from which her daughter Lupita (Lucia Mendez) helps her by convincing her mother to publish a book to commemorate the half century of the telenovela.

Lupita May not be in Mexico when this book comes to market. Her boyfriend Rafael wants to marry and go to Tijuana. To increase the doubts of Lupita, her ex‐husband reappears in her life and unexpected news, a terrible disease.

Her daughter, the widow Pina, who continues the family tradition of telenovela actors makeup, is about to fly to Miami with her secret lover, the gallant Hector. At the last minute, Pina’s instinct prevents her from boarding the plane and leave her family. Hector wounded in his pride, revenge on her in a childish manner.

Cesar Evora … Pedro
Marlene Favela … Pina Jimenez
Sergio Goyri
Alejandro Ibarra … Valentin
Alicia Machado … Marina
Carmen Montejo … Veronica Vda. de Velazquez
Sabine Moussier … Beatriz
Enrique Rocha
Helena Rojo
Daniela Romo
Nora Salinas … Adriana
Joan Sebastian … Alex:
Lucia Mendez … Lupita Velazquez