Project Description

Señora tentación

The Beautiful Republic of San Marcos, Puerto Rico is a heavenly place to live if was not by the anxiety of a town in search of freedom and the hidden revolutionary plans that requires the end of the 20 years of dictatorship of General Bustillos. Bustillos is crazily in love with Rosa, the wife of one of its subordinates, an unhealthy obsession that will carry it to its fall. Bustillos meets Rosa when she decides to be divorced of Alirio, because of his constant adventures with a Rumbera.

Lucia Mendez … Rosa Moreno
Danilo Santo
Pedro Juan Figueroa
Miguel Angel Rodriguez
Manny Rodriguez
Zully Montero
Isela Vega
Miguel Angel Suarez
Alba Nydia Diaz
Maricarmen Aviles
Carla Alvarado
Tilo Bonilla
Emesto Concepcion
Lourdes Chacon
Jonathan Dwayne
Angel Esposande
Carola Garcia
Sonia Gonzalez
Eduardo Ibanola
Noris Soffre
Adamari Lopez
Johny Lozada