Project Description

Tres veces Sofía

Sofia is a mature woman who is married to a man with “macho” tendencies, who imposes fear in her, at the same time her world is dominated by the society’s oppression that basically pushes her to forget about her own life and worry about being an oppressed woman who cares about her adolescent daughter and ill son.

Sofia suffers humiliation and bad treatment from her husband with the only thought of sustaining and keeping her home and family together, however it’s hard for Sofia to do so, because her husband is constantly treating her bad, even in front of her kids.

Jorge, Sofia’s husband has an extramarital affair with his secretary (Leticia); Jorge decides to abandon Sofia for good.

Sofia then runs into her first love Federico. Federico confesses to her that he’s never been able to forget her and that she will always be his first love. Sofia does not want this type of relationship because she’s married. However with Jorge’s abandonment, she realizes that