Project Description

El extraño retorno de Diana Salazar

In 1601‐New Spain / Leonor de Santiago is a beautiful young lady who will marry Don Eduardo de Carbajal, this act is sealed by a beautiful but strange painting in which Leonor de Santigo wears a mystical pin.

The night of the announcement, Lucrecia accuses Leonor of being a witch in front of the officials of the New Spain, stating that she performs many rituals at night killing animals and invoking satan.

In the middle of this accusations Leonor exposes her telekinetic powers by making a huge lamp fall among the guests and officials.

Frighten by the accusations and by what they’ve experienced the officials decide to stop the announcement and detain Leonor, to this Don Eduardo decides to defend his future wife by protecting her. They’re both sent to jail where later they’re sentenced to die in a burning blaze. Lucrecia, who was in love with Don Eduardo, realized that her life wouldn’t be the same without him, she commits suicide by hanging her self off a tree with Leonor’s pin in her hands.

The story goes back to the year of 1987 in Mexico city, a young woman by the name of Diana awakes from that strange dream that has always trouble her: What Diana does not know is the she is the reincarnation of Leonor de Santiago, and she’s still been tormented by her psychic and telekinetic powers.

Diana realizes that her destiny is Mario and she will use all her fury and power to keep that love that for many centuries she had.