Project Description


Viviana is the daughter of a humble fisherman in South America, where she meets Jorge Armando who falls in love and marries her, having as witness Viviana’s parents and the beautiful sea where she’s always lived. Jorge then decides to return to Mexico, his native land.

Jorge promises to send for her as soon as he can, however time passes by and Viviana never hears from her. Viviana works as a waitress where she makes very little money but decides to save as much money as possible to go to Mexico in search of her husband.

When Viviana finally gets to Mexico. She finds a Jorge, but she finds him changed, and his attitude towards her is cold and hostile. He finds a guesthouse for her to stay where she meets Doña Beatriz who became her only company. Jorge is secretly involved with Gloria, who is the daughter of his boss; a well known owner of different restaurants in Mexico City. Armando plans to marry her, so that he could become part owner and beneficiary of all of Gloria’s wealth and power. Doña Beatriz helps Viviana open her eyes and realize that Jorge is a liar and a man with no morals. Once Viviana realizes the truth, she became depressed and felt terribly betrayed.

Viviana then decides to move on, and pursues a nursing carrier, she then meets a physician named Julio who falls in love with her.



Lucia Mendez … Viviana

Hector Bonilla . .. Jorge Armando

Juan Ferrara … Julio

Maricruz Olivier … Gloria

Claudio Brook … Anselmo

Sara Garcia … Angustias

Isabela Corona … Consuelo

Rosa Maria Moreno … Beatriz

Emma Roldan … Matilde

Carlos Camara

Eduardo Alcaraz

Adriana Roel

German Robles

Ricardo Blume

Raquel Olmedo