Project Description


Marielena is a young secretary with high morals who values life and family with integrity. However love brings her a complete turn around when she meets Luis Felipe, she falls deeply in love with him.

Doubting about her relationship with Luis Felipe, Marielena discovers that the man she loves is married to a woman who is the owner of the corporation she is currently employed. This woman is a well distinguished person who is fifteen years older than Luis Felipe.

Because of her love for Luis Felipe, Marielena decides to stay with Luis Felipe, hiding her relationship and denying her double life towards society. She confronts many obstacles, Claudia, Luis Felipe’s wife finds out about Marielena’s double life and becomes her worst nightmare.

Lucia Mendez …Marielena
Eduardo Yáñez … Luis Felipe Sandoval
Zully Montero … Claudia Sandoval
Caridad Ravelo … Chela
Maria Canals … Nancy
Mayte Vilan … Meche
Eva Tamargo Lemus … Cecilia
Maria Jose Alfonso … Carmela
Cristina Karman … Yoli
Salvador Pineda … Esteban
Mara Croatto … Graciela
Martha Picanes … Olga
German Barrios … Nicanor
Julio Alcazar … Andres
Manolo Villaverde … Teo