Project Description


Mrs. Cecile de Saint Michel is a wealthy woman who owns one of the biggest textile industries in Mexico. She realizes she needs to transfer the textiles’ administration to one of her two grandsons: Pierre who is a promising doctor and Luciano who happens to be a playboy and lacks desire to continue his studies and loves to enjoy life/have fun.

Because of Luciano’s irresponsible behavior, she decides to make him the next administrator with the idea of making him responsible and an honest man, Pierre does not agree to this, he becomes jealous, neurotic and depressed, however Pierre decides to come up with a plot against Luciano. When Pierre finds out that he himself is an illegitimate grandson, his plans against Luciano become more dangerous.

Vanessa (Lucia Mendez) is a beautiful, humble but ambitious woman, who loves both Pierre and Luciano.

Pierre does not wish to pursue a serious relationship with her and only uses her for his own entertaining purposes only, however she becomes pregnant and he abandons her. Lucia loves her unconditionally and decides to marry her. However Pierre’s shadow remains between then and finally they decide to get a divorce. Later in a gun fight between Luciano and Pierre Vanessa gets accidentally shot and dies.

This Soap Opera changed the standards, because it’s the first time in which the lead actress gets shot and dies at the end of the story.


Lucia Mendez … Vanessa

Hector Bonilla … Luciano de Saint‐Germain

Rogelio Guerra … Pierre de Saint‐Germain

Angelica Aragon … Luisa

Nuria Bages

Antonio Brillas

Carlos Camara

Aurora Clavel

Isabela Corona