Project Description

Golpe bajo

Silvana and Andres have been married for twenty years, they have daughter (Gina). Silvana loves her husband, but their relationship keeps deteriorating, they argue constantly due to Andres’ uncontrollable attitude, he feels inferior and has low self esteem, because Silvana posses and excellent fashion designing talent, he uses her and makes her design many projects for his job with the sole purpose of getting him a better position within his company.

Leonard the company’s CEO meets Silvana at a company party and becomes interested and tries to get her. He manipulates Andres and offers goods with the only condition of having Silvana close to him. Rodrigo, Leonardo’s son meets Silvana and falls in love with her.



Lucia Mendez … Silvana Bernal
Salvador Pineda … Andres Carranza
Rogelio Guerra …. Leonardo Prado
Javier Gomez … Rodrigo Prado
Sergio Kleiner … Gonzalo Montaño
Alejandra Maldonado … Nancy de Prado
Ximena Rubio … Gina Carranza
Margarita Isabel … Eugenia Bernal
Ernesto Faxas … Cesar Antunez
Jose Sefami … Jose
Wendy de los Cobos … Florencia Casals
Fidel Garriga … Esteban Garrido
Nubia Marti … Natalia de Garrido
Garrido Marta Aura … Lupita Carranza
Liza Carvajal … Lidia Cantu