A love story and a “know each other” that surely by time and space never should have happened. A man and a woman absolutely different that comparing tastes and affinities would never have agreed. An absolutely unexpected meeting between two solitudes that if life certainly follow a logical or rational projection, never ever would have happened.

But, thank God, life is not logical, the destiny is inscrutable, and the solitudes find love and companionship without answering any predictable paradigm and facts arise despite tastes, intentions and possible plans. Moreover, despite ourselves. An unexpected encounter between two different worlds.

An unexpected and unpredictable encounter that life strives to produce and the public enjoy and appreciate forever. Lucia Mendez after more than 20 years of not stepping on a theater stage and Mauricio Herrera in an unmissable comedy. The Renaissance Theater of the Theatrical Center Manolo Fábregas will give life to this unusual love story.

Theatrical Career

Lucia began in the play “Por un paraguas” as a child, and in adulthood her great charisma is evident in her first professional job, “Nada de Sexo que Somos Decentes” who starred in 1972 with Benny Ibarra and Otto Sirgo. In 1976 along with Julio Aleman and Juan Pelaez starred in “El Fantasma de la Opera” (The Phantom of the Opera), this is where her professional career began.

Between 1991 and 1992 she performed at El Teatro Blanquita with a musical theater production called “Noches de Cabaret” with a success that led her to tour Mexico, United States, Central and South America.

In 1996, Lucia returned to the play production with an excellent comedy “No, No Por Favor !” Next to Benny Ibarra and Vega Anardis where she showed great talent for making people laugh.