Musical History

Talking about Lucia Mendez is like talking about music, her debut in music with songs of authorship of Juan Gabriel, “Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti” her first album out of the 18 that make up her discography career as of today, sold a million copies. “Cerca De Ti” album with decidedly entering the world of pop ballad with great success. Productions that made history in the Spanish pop music in the late 80’s as “Enamorada”, “Solo Una Mujer,” which sold nearly 2 million records and it is worth the American Grammy nomination, “Enamorada” ” Castigame “and” Mis Intimas Razones. ” “Luna Morena”, a record of international court that toured the world and several songs took the top places in the charts for 2 years, “Besame” in which again achieved a Grammy nomination as the best American album Latin of that year, “Se Prohibe” and the Single hit “Vete” hitting the top spot in popularity, “Señora Tentacion” a tribute to Agustín Lara, by which Lucia receive the ACE award as best album of that year, “Todo o Nada” a boleros Long Play, according to AMPROFON of Mexico is certified as a “Gold Record” with 100,000 copies sold, “Dulce Romance ” album of boleros in which Lucia quickly gets the acceptance and audience’s taste in music and “Vive” the most versatile album of her career.

With her voice, talent and charisma, Lucia has won the audience’s applause by performing in huge events at major theaters, concert halls and arena worldwide, establishing herself as one of the greatest Latin artists in the world. Under the label of Sony Music, Lucía Méndez now returns to music with her album “Otra Vez Enamorada con … un Nuevo Amanecer” The upcoming album will include new versions of Lucia’s greatest hits as well a the new song “Un nuevo Amancer, wIrtten and composted by her son Pedro Antonio Torres Mendez.

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Lucia Mendez became one of the most important stars of Latin television, along with that she always took care of her music career as well; at the beginning of her career she recorded four LP’s (ranchero style), performing in different stages throughout the country and other Latin American cities such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia among others, in the US she performed many times in Los Angeles, New York and Miami to name a few.

SHer fame as a singer became even greater when she decided to change music genre from ranchero style to ballad. All her ballad singles were hits in the top charts, making her one of the best singers of all times. She made presentations in The White House, James L Knight Center of Miami, and The Sports Arena in Los Angeles and in 1983 was crowned queen of the Viña del Mar Festival where more than 80 thousand people sang her hits and applauded her. Places such as The Phoenix Celebrity Theater, The Bronco Bowl of Dallas, TX and The Bellas Artes Palace of Puerto Rico experience Lucia’s success, along with The Madison Square Garden of New York and a special invitation from the first lady of Lebanon at the Jouhniyem Center due to her popularity in that country.

In Mexico she also performed in places such as The Patio, The Blanquita Theater, where she gave a great performance with her popular “Nights of Cabaret” show and “The nights of Lucia”.

L“Lucia Mexicanisima” was another spectacular show in which Lucia brought a great repertoire, performing, acting and singing, this event was shown in Mexico and the United States. Recently in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico – she was honored with the title “The Predilect Daughter” where she received “The Arlequin of Bronze” this was awarded to her due to her long and extensive but yet very successful career.