NEW CD “Bailan”

  • Innamorata (Enamorada)
  • Cuando la Noche
  • Tu la pagherai (Ya la pagarás)
  • Cuore di pietra (Corazón de piedra)
  • Bailan
  • Fidati di me
  • Tu
  • Cielo Rosso (Cielo Rojo)
  • Solo Juntos
  • Se Acabo
  • No digas si, No digas no (feat Umberto Tozzi)

CD “Canta un Homenaje a Juan Gabriel”

  • Porqué me Haces Llorar
  • Ya no me Interesas
  • Tu Sigues Siendo el Mismo
  • Amor de un Rato
  • Nunca Volvere
  • Lagrimas y LLuvia
  • No me Hundes
  • Amor Imposible
  • Amor Eterno
  • Se me Olvido Otra Vez
  • No Tengo Dinero (con banda)
  • El Noa Noa (con banda)


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Vivir By Lucia Mendez

Vivir By Lucia Méndez


Fragrance with Pheromones
60ml 2.02 fl oz
The essence of love!
Exclusive sales in Mexico only in Full:

Call toll-free: 01 800 0039 300

With my new perfume, Vivir By Lucia Mendez, you will notice a great change in your life as it increases your charisma, boosts your self esteem and improves your luck.

When I found my favorite perfume, I had to share it with you. It is scientifically proven that pheromones – chemical substances that send subconscious signals to those around you – naturally trigger feelings of attraction and a complete change in your mood.

With “Vivir”, your charisma will have incredible energy, you´ll feel more self assured, more attractive, and with a more positive outlook, all of which will help you find love. Vivir By Lucia Mendez with Pheromones is a unique perfumery creation; its sensual compositions brings out the presence of jasmine, rare woods and musk, highlighted by a first impression of fruits mixed with vainilla and chocolate – all of which make it a vibrant combination. In order for the pheromones to work properly, it is important to follow these instructions precisely: Apply Vivir By Lucia Mendez with Pheromones to the entire body after bathing; this should be done daily don´t miss a day and others will comment, “You smell great” and “You look fabulous”.


Vivir Bella By Lucia Mendez

Coming Soon! Vivir Bella By Lucia Méndez