Who is Lucia Mendez

Lucia Mendez Today is the only artist who has triumphed in its facets of television actress, singer and film.

Lucia has participated in many top quality projects throughout her career, above all else, she has been directly in the forefront of all her endeavors, always providing innovative energy. Lucia has always demonstrated her versatility as an entertainer.

Her versatility is evident in the different types of roles and characters she has portrayed and in the many soap operas in which she has starred. She has never conformed to playing the same stereotype role, instead, she has taken risks by taking on completely diverse roles.

Lucia is one of the few current international stars who has already left an INDELIBLE IMPRINT in the entertainment world. Her soap operas have been seen in many countries throughout the world, including Italy, Russia, Africa and China. She has proudly represented her native Mexico throughout the world and she is a pioneer in making soap operas popular worldwide.

Lucia is undoubtedly a superstar entertainer in Mexico, considered a living legend for her excellent artistic career.


LUCIA MENDEZ It was at 8 years old when Lucia Mendez was looking for an opportunity in the entertainment industry, and even though she was only a child, Lucia was able to find a small role in a play called “Por Un Paraguas”.

In 1972, a very popular Mexican news paper called “El Heraldo de Mexico (Mexico’s Herald) conducted a contest in which to select the most beautiful face of Mexico. Thousands of girls from the entire Mexican nation awaited this contest, it was a dream come true. It was Lucia Mendez who the nation acclaimed as the most beautiful face of the year, giving her the title “El Rostro del Heraldo (The Harold’s Face)”.

Being titled the “Herald’s Face” brought Lucia Mendez her next role in the entertainment industry, this time in a famous play called “Nada de Sexo Que Somos Decentes”, where she received several accolades and the critics rewarded her performaces. In 1976, she then participated in another famous play called “The Phantom Of the Opera” along with popular Mexican actor Julio Aleman, following “¡No, No Por Favor!” respectively.

Her first opportunity in the small screen was given to her by popular screen writer and producer Ernesto Alonso in the the Soap Opera called “Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse” in 1972. “Cartas Sin Destino” followed in 1973 along with Jaqueline Andere. Soap Operas such as “La Tierra” (1974) along with Claudia Islas and Ernesto Alonso, “Paloma (1975)”, “Mundos Opuestos (1976)”, and “La Maestra Mendez (1977)” took Lucia’s beautiful face to many audiences within and outside Mexico and the entire world.

However to really conquer Mexico’s heart and the warmth of its people Lucia had to work hard and it was with the following Soap Operas that Lucia became the favorite of all audiences, Soap Operas such as “Viviana (1978)”, “Colorina (1980)”, and “Vanessa (1982)” allowed Lucia Mendez to really show who she really was and with those Lucia conquered not only Mexico’s heart but countries like Spain, Italy, Brasil, China and Germany became acquainted and fell in love with her. In 1977 and 1978 had her own comic series called “Esta noche es… Lucia” where she had the privilege to interview and interact with many important celebrities.

In 1985 Lucia Mendez was already a Mexican Icon, “Tu o’ Nadie” was broadcasted in Mexico and the entire United States respectively gaining the highest rating scores ever, this production was compared to “Dynasty”. “Time” Magazine designated “Tu o’ Nadie” as one of the most important series of the Hispanic population in the entire American Union.

Soap Operas such as “El Extraño Retorno De Diana Salazar (1987)”, “Amor De Nadie (1990)”, “Marielena”, “Señora Tentacion”, “Tres Veces Sofia” and “Golpe Bajo” consolidated Lucia Mendez as one of the most important and valuable icon of Mexico and the entire Hispanic world.

Once shown her acting talent, Lucia in 1975 decides to incorporate another facet to her career, and that was singing. Her first mega hit was “Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti” written by Juan Gabriel from which Lucia sold a million copies. Her other famous LP’s were “Frente a Frente (1976)”, “Lucia Mendez La Sonrisa Del Año (1977)”, “Amor De Madrugada, se feliz(1979)”, “Viviana (1978)”, “Colorina(1980)”.

Regalame-Esta-Noche-Lucia-Mendez-coverIn 1981, Lucia’s musical career took a 180 degree turn when known songwriter and singer Camilo Sesto produced her first balad LP called “Cerca De Ti” which included the popular song “Atada a Nada” – Lucia rapidly made it to the top ten most resquested songs leaving her in the number one spot for many weeks.

Theater, TV and now Music presented the decisive trails of a true star out of this world, of a woman that worked hard to enter in people’s hearts. Under this responsibility Lucia released her second balad LP called “Enamorada” – it was no coincidence Lucia was the number one for months in the top charts, her song “Mi Amor Amor” gained her the title “The Most Popular Singer of 1984”.

In 1985, Lucia Mendez released her third balad LP called “Solo Una Mujer” under the same producer. Her song “Corazon de Piedra” was the number one hit for forty-five 45 consecutive weeks. Because of these results Lucia Mendez earned her platinum album in 1985. In 1986 her fourth ballads album was released title “Te Quiero” with the first single “Amor Imposible” hitting up the top 10 charts for many weeks. Others followed such as “Castigame” (1986), “Mis Intimas Razones” (1988), “Luna Morena” (1989), “Besame” (1991), “Se Prohibe” (1993), and “Señora Tentacion” (1994).

Lucia Mendez already an International icon and a versatile artist decided to now try the bolero style and in 1998, under producer Chamin Correa, released a boleros CD titled “Todo o’ Nada” with great success, then another boleros CD followed titled “Dulce Romance” (1999). In 2004, Lucia Mendez presented her new album “Vive”, produced by Frankie Marcos. In 2007, Lucia Mendez returns to her Television house to carry out the soap opera “Amor Sin Maquillaje” with which the 50 year soap operas of this company are celebrated. In 2007, Lucia made her debut as narrator of “La Malinche, this audio book is of the Writer Laura Esquivel. The same year, Lucia participated in the Series “Amas de Casa Desesperadas” in which Lucia returned to her facet of narrator. In 2008, Lucia participated in the serie “Mujeres Asesinas”, production of her ex-husband Pedro Torres, Candida Esperanzada received the highest ratings of audience. In 2008, Lucia won the first place in the prizes “Audies Awards” as the best book narrated in Spanish by Lucia Mendez “La Malinche” of the wirter Laura Esquivel.Lucia Mendez 2016

In 1987, Lucia Mendez was chosen Mr. Amigo in Brownville, Texas. The committee designates an individual that promotes to improve the style of life of the Hispanic community that also serves as a role model and contributes to the friendship and understanding of United States and Mexico. Lucia was the first feminine artist in obtaining her wax statue in the Wax museum of Hollywood California, she also has a star in Miami Florida. In 2006, Lucia released her own perfume called “Vivir by Lucia Mendez”. Few weeks it manages to sell 600.000 perfumes which makes creditor “President of the Chamber of Commerce of Mexican Industrialists Women in the United States. Lucia Mendez is the first Mexican in obtaining that appointment, these two committees settled down in La Vegas Nevada and Miami, localities of high commerce of Mexican women. Recently, she has released a new product called “Oxivivir by Lucia Mendez”, a liquid oxygen that can be ingested to look beautiful, radiant and healthy.

Her first participation in the big screen was for “Cabalgando a La Luna” along with Rodolfo de Anda and Valentin Trujillo, she then was invited to participate in another movie called “El Hijo Del Pueblo” along with singer Vicente Fernandez, and because of the big success the star-couple was invited to participate in another movie “Juan Armenta El Repatriado”. Lucia also participated in movies along with famous and renowned actors such as Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” in the film called “El Ministro y Yo” and “Los Hijos de Sanchez” along with Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn. A horror movie called “Mas Negro Que La Noche” showed Lucia’s versatility, other movies such “La Ilegal” and “Los Renglones Torcidos De Dios” (based on Spanish writer Torcuato Lucca de Tena) set Lucia Mendez as the favorite actress and most wanted by movie producers. Ernesto Alonso a well respected Soap Opera and movie producer, invited Lucia Mendez to participate in the film “El Maleficio II” with great success.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Lucia Mendez’s beautiful face has made the cover of International Magazines such as: “Harperss Bazaar”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Vanidades”, and “Vogue”. Italian magazines such as: “Gente”, and “Epoca”. Lucia Mendez has also been an International Model for many years. In 1984, The Hollywood Wax Museum released the first Latin figure in honor of Lucia Mendez; to this day the figure still exists in the museum. In 1983, Lucia participated as a judge in the “OTI Festival” held in Washington, she also was title “Reina de Viña del Mar” where she also performed. In 1984, she was elected to participate as a judge in the “Miss Universe Pageant” in Miami Florida.

Lucia Mendez has sang and performed in many important events, in Madison Square Garden, Lucia Mendez gave a concert along with singers Camilo Sesto and Roberto Carlos. She also participated in the “2do. Festival de la Hipanidad” in Los Angeles, at the same time records show that eighty thousand (80,000) people attented her concerts in 1985 in the Sports Arena, LA. In Puerto Rico, Lucia Mendez has also performed with great success, such as Bellas Artes, P.R.

She has also been the recipient of many awards such as “Grammy” nominations, (ACE) for best show and best actress of the year. Eight “Heralds” and “Globos De Oro (Golden Globes) in New York”, Telemundo Trophy award and “Azteca Calendar” and many more.

El 4 de octubre de 2009 lanzó el disco titulado “>On October 4, 2009 released the album “My greatest hits: Again in love … with a new dawn” 39 being a record of success in including the themes that have marked his career as a singer, such as “Heart stone “,” Alma en pena “,” Margarita “and” Guilty or Innocent “, of which performed a modern version next to outstanding musicians, also includes the song” a new dawn “, written and produced by his eldest son Pedro Antonio Torres Mendez, it was launched on December 5, 2008 in Mexico Telethon during their participation in it. The new album and three others are under the label Sony Music and the singer has signed a contract with the label to produce four discos.

On January 30, 2010 was declared as the “Queen of Mariachi” to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the World Day Mariachi, according to reports by Chucho Lopez, leader of Traditional Mexican Music, the National Association of Actors ( ANDA), being crowned in March 2010.

In September 2010 she released his album number 22, ranchero genre and rhythm band and includes songs as a tribute to Juan Gabriel also recorded for Sony Music and for which he was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Ranchero Album .

On June 10, 2011 she made his debut show “Noches de cabaret”, starting the season in Babylon Show Center.

In July 2013 she released his compilation album, “The essence of Lucia Mendez, 40th Anniversary,” which contains three CDs and DVD.

In February 2014 launches “Cuore di pietra” which is the Italian version of his song “Heart of Stone” . In October of the same year presented his song “You go or stay” at the rate of banda.

In June 2015 she presents his song “Fidati di me” in italiano.

In November 2015 he released her album “dance” with songs in Italian and Spanish for the label Sony Music.


Lucia’s successful and extensive career among the competition speaks for itself. Lucia is one of Mexico’s unique entertaining stars that have intervened in film, music and television; this has consolidated her as an International Icon.

Her great work has been compensated through numerous awards and recognitions, among them are: The first Latin Artist to have her wax figure in the Hollywood Wax Museum, two Grammy Award nominations, she’s received the ACE Award by the New York critics.

Others are The Herald, The Aztec Calendar, numerous TV y Novelas that recognized her as the singer of the year and the most loved artist. In 1988 she was awarded Mr. Amigo in Brownsville Texas. As a movie actress she was awarded The Silver Goddess because of her participation in the movie titled: The Man that no one knows (El Desconocido).

She also received El Discometro, Vocero de la Popularidad and The Golden Palms due to her successful career as a singer. In the United States she’s been given the keys to many states. This is only a small sample of the numerous awards she’s received throughout her 30 years in the entertaining business.